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HSC Results Articles

Misguided advocacy on school league tables

Your editorial says teachers oppose league tables in the belief that they will encourage "teaching to the test" ("Transparency benefits parents, children and schools", November 14-15). Correct. But you say teachers are misguided in that belief, as this already occurs at HSC level, even though league tables do not exist.

Board of Studies lashed by Ombudsman over HSC

THE NSW Board of Studies has been forced to release raw HSC results it spent thousands of dollars trying to keep secret, after the Ombudsman criticised its lack of transparency over how exam results are scaled.

Letting women stay justifies any means

Letting women stay justifies any means

'Everything I believed has come true their eagerness to learn is intact'

THE cartoonist and philosopher Michael Leunig home schooled two children for more than 10 years "because they wanted to do it". They went to school this year for the first time again because they wanted to.

Hsc Results And Rankings Not A Meaningful Measure Of A School's Worth

The Herald reports that my school's HSC results placed it ninth in the state ("Right chemistry for high achievers", December 18). Any discerning parent would ask: what data did the Herald use to determine that ranking? The honour roll lists students who achieved a mark greater than 90 per more